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Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy it?
Resellers are present all over the world.

Where do I charge it?
Directly from the application, under the menu MORE… you will find the charge up system.
Or you can also charge it up through our official website

How reliable is it?
Our experts test daily the security of the product, further every day we send test to the most well known facilities of international technology.

What does the micro SD-card serve for?
The micro SD-card fitted inside the phone at the moment of the purchase is fundamental for the total security of Black, without it the service is not100% guaranteed.

Do you have a support system?
Yes, for any enquiry or problem you can contact us at our mail Or add us on your skype contact list as BlackHDesk,
Or on our six digit internal support skype info.geass.

What does Black need to be enabled to call?
Black needs a connection to work. The modalities of connection are 3:
- Through Hotspot with your mobile phone.
- A sim card, for traffic, like the one you would insert in your I-pad.

We have chosen a quality device to install our security system.

What is the delivery time?
The delivery time for a I Black device is 3 working days.

If I buy a BLACK do I have to give my name?
To buy a BLACK you don’t have to give any name, nor be registered or give any other info data.

Skype: info.geass